Ocwen Financial Corporation has been ordered to refund a total of $125 million to nearly 185,000 borrowers whose loans were being serviced by Ocwen, Homeward Residential Holdings, or Litton Loan Servicing, and who lost their homes to foreclosure, between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2012. Eligible homeowners were mailed claim forms in the mail the first week in July , and the application can be submitted online here with a deadline of September 15, 2014.

If you believe that you meet all the eligibility requirements listed here, and have not received a mailed claim form, please contact the Settlement Administrator immediately at 1-866-783-5382. The minimum payment for participants is $700. Participation is voluntary and will not restrict individuals’ rights to pursue claims separate of this settlement. You do not need to pay anyone to file your claim, and beware of any offers for help.

For more information on the settlement click here or call the Settlement Administrator at 1-866-783-5382.

To review eligibility requirements and to file a claim click here.

If you lost your home to foreclosure and are still in need of relocation assistance, the Center for NYC Neighborhoods’ Housing Mobility Program may be able to help you. The Housing Mobility Program assists transitioning homeowners with managing their current financial situation, finding new housing, and connecting with financial counselors and other services. For more information, please call 646-786-0888.