Who We Are

As employees, we enjoy working in a collaborative, respectful environment. We work on different projects that assist homeowners across the state, but our shared mission along with events like staff meetings, outings, conferences and celebrations bring us together.

"There's no number value I can put on the satisfaction I feel every day knowing I've been able to make an impact in a homeowner's life."


The Center offers staff resources and training in management and community development, so they can grow as leaders in the field.


The Center encourages all of our employees to maintain work-life balance, because we know that healthy, happy employees are better suited to meet the needs of homeowners.


The Center embraces new technologies and methods, whether it's human-centered web design or through housing counseling for storm recovery that uniquely meet the challenges of our mission.


When we aren't serving New York's homeowners, we like to loosen up and have some fun. We even have a Fun Committee that aims to bring some levity to our working hours.

Available Positions