UPDATE: The Center continuously updates its Tax Lien Tracker to reflect latest lien sale lists. You can access updated information on lien sale lists as well as tracker here.

Across the city the number of households on the 10-day list has dropped by 20% from the number on the 30-day lien sale list released on April 10th. Staten Island had the largest decrease of the five boroughs with about 25% change, followed by Queens with 24% change. Brooklyn and the Bronx both saw an 18% decrease and Manhattan had an 11% decrease. The number of households in areas impacted by Sandy had the most significant drop between the two lists with 40% of the households on the 30-day list removed from the 10-day list.

But there are still almost 8,000 households on the 10-day lien sale list at risk of having their liens sold on May 16th. We are encouraging homeowners to visit the Department of Finance website or call 311 to access a list of outreach events in their neighborhood as well as exemption and payment agreement forms. See more information below.


In a recent blog post, we detailed how homeowners can avoid having tax liens sold to third-party collection agencies on May 16th. Seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and active duty military can be removed from the tax lien sale list by submitting the Exemption Eligibility Checklist or Military Request for Relief by May 15th. Those not in an exempt category can enter into a payment plan of up to ten years with the City by May 15th. Payment agreements with the City are more affordable than payment agreements with collection agencies and the City’s interest rates are lower than those charged by collection agencies.

Today, we launched a web-based tool that allows users to view the number of households on the Department of Finance’s 30-day lien sale list by City Council District and Community District. Users can learn how many households in each Council District or Community District have tax liens that are currently scheduled to be sold and see how many of those households are in Sandy affected areas.

Simply click on the Council District or Community District you would like to know more about and a pop-up will appear telling you how many 1-4 family homes, condos, and co-ops have tax liens included on the 30-day tax lien sales list and how many of them are in areas flooded during Hurricane Sandy.

Note: Tax liens on multi-family and non-residential buildings are not displayed on this map. There are 17,049 properties on the 30-day lien sale list; 9,872 are single-family homes, condos, and co-ops.