NOW is the time to fund the Foreclosure Prevention Program: $4M (Request #81151)

The Center and our Network Partners are trusted experts in communities of color and are ready to help:

  • Our free, city-wide homeowner services are a critical part of NYC’s crisis recovery response
  • We have 12+ years of experience keeping people in their homes and as financially balanced as possible
  • Your funding directly helps homeowners in all districts, particularly seniors
  • Policy and education: track homeownership trends and educate the public

Due to decades of structural inequalities and the continued racial wealth gap and homeownership gap, the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting black and Latinx communities, which have the highest death rates in NYC

• This will only exacerbate the racial wealth gap that already exists: 45% of families of color in NYC have zero or negative net worth compared to 23% of white families

• We know mortgage distress will go up, and we know from the foreclosure crisis it will be concentrated in black and brown communities 

• Adequate and stable housing is a critical pillar in mitigating the health and safety risk posed by COVID-19

• Black and Latinx homeowners need support to protect and maintain their homes, and to ensure they don’t lose a valuable financial asset over the long term.