For many homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages, broader financial issues are at the root of their housing crises.

Some have experienced job loss, illness, divorce, or another “shock” that made their mortgage unaffordable. Others may need training and help to manage their finances.

The goal of the Center’s Homeowner Financial Toolkit is to support the seamless integration of  essential financial counseling into existing foreclosure prevention services. The toolkit is an action-oriented approach that empowers homeowners to set financial goals and reach them, while ultimately improving their long-term ability to stay current on mortgage payments.

Contact Information: Email and include “Network Programs — Financial Toolkit” in the subject line.

Financial Toolkit Guidebook
Financial Toolkit Table of Contents
Tool 1.1 Income and Expenses Worksheet
Tool 1.2 Financial Health Check-Up
Tool 2.1 Quick Ideas to Boost Your Income
Tool 2.2 Quick Ideas to Reduce Expenses
Tool 2.3 Quick Ideas Worksheet for Changing Income and Expenses
Tool 2.4 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Cash Flow
Tool 2.5 Quick Ideas to Protect Your Home
Tool 3.1 SMART Goals and Action Plan Worksheet
Tool 3.2 Long Term Strategies to Improve Your Financial Health
Tool 4.1 Income and Resources Tracker
Tool 4.2 One Month Income and Expenses Calendar
Tool 4.3 Credit Report Review Checklist
Tool 4.4 Steps to Filing a Dispute Interactive
Tool 4.5 Ways to Manage Credit and Debt
Tool 4.6 Debt Management Worksheet
Tool 5.1 SMART Referrals Worksheet