As New York City homeowners continue the costly recovery from Hurricane Sandy, The Center remains committed to delivering resources to assist those most in need. For New Yorkers who are having difficulty with their mortgage payments, the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) is one potential source of financial assistance.

MAP makes loans of up to $25,000 to eligible homeowners that can be used towards loan workouts that avoid foreclosure and keep people in their homes. MAP loans are at 0% interest and repayment is deferred so that monthly payments are not required.

Here are examples of how MAP has helped homeowners in mortgage distress as part of their recovery from Sandy:

  • A Far Rockaway family whose temporary loss of employment due to Sandy left them unable to make their monthly mortgage payments. MAP provided the funds necessary to bring their mortgage current so they could resume making their mortgage payments once they returned to full-time employment.


  • A disabled Staten Island homeowner who struggled to pay repair expenses on a fixed income while his mortgage was in a forbearance plan. MAP has been approved to pay off the amount he is behind on his first mortgage and settle his second mortgage, which will greatly reduce his monthly expenses.


  • A Brooklyn family who used their savings to recover from Sandy, leaving them unable to afford the payments on their second mortgage. MAP is working to negotiate a settlement of the second mortgage, which is impinging on their ability to continue making payments on their first mortgage.


  • An Arverne family that spent more than $12,000 in out-of-pocket repair costs and was unable to continue making payments on their first and second mortgages. MAP brought their first mortgage current and worked with one of our Network Partners to modify the second mortgage to a more affordable payment.


MAP funds are still available to help others in need! Dial 311 or call us directly at 646-786-0888 to access free help.

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