Generation 2 Generation Estate Planning Pilot Program
Frequently Asked Questions
April 26, 2022

Is the program likely to be extended beyond the one-year pilot project term?

While the Estate Planning Pilot Program is funded for two years, with available grants for a one-year period, the purpose of the estate planning pilot is to provide a test case of the need and impact for estate planning services, which we hope will serve as a further case for additional funding to extend the pilot beyond its two years.

Have the required data points been determined, and if so, is it possible to obtain a copy of these for review?
Below are the outcomes we hope to reach through the course of the pilot program:
# of homeowners to be engaged through different tactics – 5,000
# of homeowners to be advised – 500
# of homeowners to be assisted – 250 – 350

Would all event attendees be tracked for outreach purposes, or only those who are part of the target client population?
We would only be tracking event attendees who are part of the target client population, i.e., Black homeowners.

Will CNYCN be involved in outreach event planning and facilitation?
Yes, CNYCN’s role will be to help lead with event planning, facilitation, technical assistance, and support needed to help with event logistics and amplification.

What is the approximate number of homeowners that CNYCN intends to reach through this initiative?
Our goal is to reach about 5,000 homeowners through this initiative.

Is the intent with this funding also to assist constituents in paying for an attorney or is there a pro-bono cohort of attorneys that the CNYCN has assembled willing to do this work?
Yes, part of this funding will go towards a citywide legal service provider who will take on directly assisting homeowners with estate planning services, such as drawing up wills. We are also working with a limited number of pro-bono attorneys who have volunteered their time and services to assist in taking on cases.

Can we receive feedback from CNYCN on our submission to help improve our submission?
We cannot give feedback to submissions until after we make an award; feedback can be provided if requested after we make an award. All questions will be posted publicly on our website after the Question and Answer period.