The Center recently had the pleasure of working with 100 Resilient Cities on a blog post on Rising Flood Insurance Rates. We were excited and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with 100 Resilient Cities, an organization pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation and dedicated to providing robust solutions for physical, social, and economic challenges in cities. Following the release of our report, Rising Tides, Rising Costs, we continue to raise awareness about flood insurance changes and how they are affecting the many neighborhoods across New York that are at risk of flooding.

Because of both sea level rise and recent changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, many families living in homes near (and sometimes not so near) the city’s 520 miles of coastline are now at risk of displacement. At the Center, we’re working to help these families find long-term solutions to stay in their neighborhoods and keep their homes affordable. We’ve collaborated with community groups and local government to get the word out to homeowners about how they will be affected by these changes. Most significantly, we created, a resource for homeowners to learn everything they need to know about flood insurance and flood risk. We look forward to continuing this work with partners, like 100 Resilient Cities, to help New Yorkers meet this enormous challenge.