Date: October 21 & October 22, 1-5pm EST

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About this event

For our eighth annual Affordable Homeownership Summit, hundreds of leaders, policymakers, lenders, and advocates will convene online to discuss the challenges facing low- and moderate-income homeowners, as well as innovative solutions and best practices. This year’s Summit is focused on Building an Equitable Recovery, and how we can leverage opportunities for equitable and affordable homeownership even as we face ongoing uncertainty in New York City and beyond.

As part of our ongoing commitment to make the Affordable Homeownership Summit accessible and inclusive to everyone, we have reserved a certain number of tickets as part of our scholarship program. Please contact us at to learn more.

Introducing Keynote Speaker Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel

Alicka Ampry-Samuel has always been a visionary dreamer and a fervent believer in the better angels of our nature. Behind her signature glasses and smile rests her grit and empathy that has been forged from her upbringing in Brownsville. She’s carried this with her throughout her experiences which have guided her to North Carolina A&T State University, culminating with a Psychology degree and subsequently, on an almost yearly basis, a return to the Greatest Homecoming on Earth. She went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from CUNY School of Law, and has continued to model the school’s motto – “Law in the Service of Human Need.”

Alicka has worked in various capacities with City and State legislators and has spent years sharpening her servant leadership and perspective concerning marginalized individuals and their plights; locally and internationally. She worked as a community organizer in Brooklyn, and as a Child Protective Specialist with the NYC Administration for Children Services, prior to bringing her influences to Accra, Ghana – managing a Human Rights and Community Development portfolio under the auspices of US Embassy Accra. Upon returning to the US, she served as Chief of Staff to her State Assemblywoman and later served as a Senior Advisor for the New York City Housing Authority – Community Engagement & Partnerships Division.

Despite her close and intimate understanding of the intersectionality of obstacles facing the many, she is among the few that remain actively hopeful and vocal about the much needed change that is imminent. Alicka is married to a United States Diplomat whom she met in college and they have one son who is an aspiring artist. She is an active member of Wayside Baptist Church and continues to volunteer through her sorority Delta Sigma Theta.



1-1:30PM EST: 

Welcome Speech: Center for New York City Neighborhoods CEO, Christie Peale

Keynote Speech: Alicka Ampry-Samuel, NYC Council Member


1:30-2:20PM EST:

Equity at Scale, Near and Afar 

While NYC and NYS face unique challenges in housing with unique solutions, housing and community development leaders across the globe bring fresh ideas to the forefront as well. This panel will showcase new pilots and programs that are making waves around the country and globe, and explore how they could translate to and benefit communities in New York.

  • Panelists:  
    • Martha Baez, Senior Vice President Land Bank Operations, Invest Newark
    • Elena Gonzales, Senior Director, Policy & Community Engagement, Homewise, Inc.
    • Dr Kate Raynor, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
    • Roy Southerland, Senior Investment Officer, Invest Newark
    • Heather Tremain, Chief Executive Officer, Options for Homes 
  • Moderator: Julian St Patrick Clayton, Deputy Director of Policy & Research, Center for NYC Neighborhoods


2:30-3:20PM EST

Breakthroughs in Black Homeownership 

It is undeniable that there are real and very daunting challenges that Black homeowners and buyers face at every step of the process. Communities and groups across the country work to undo these injustices and create equity within the homeownership journey and uplift Black communities. We will explore these areas for growth and change, and dig in deeper during curated breakout sessions.

  • Panelists: 
  • Kristen Broady, Brookings Institute
  • Jerrod Delaine, Pratt Institute
  • Tanya Ores, Executive Director, NHS of Brooklyn
  • Moderator: Salima Etoka, Deputy Chief of Staff, Center for NYC Neighborhoods



BREAK: Building Relationships! 

We can’t build an equitable recovery alone. Let’s pause for 20 minutes to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and make new ones! Join us in hosted online rooms to share ideas and chat.


3:50-4:40PM EST

Risk Beyond Balance Sheets: Redistributing Risk Equitably

Risk management goes well beyond balance sheets. How we evaluate and distribute risk — and how we measure the risks of NOT taking action — is critical in the pursuit of economic and racial equity and climate justice. What does it look like to evaluate and redistribute risk in an equitable way? How can frameworks of risk become inclusive? This panel will explore ways to update trusted models of risk using real life examples.

  • Panelists:
  • Carolyn Kousky, Executive Director, Wharton Risk Center, University of Pennsylvania
  • Brian Loeb, Community Investment Policy & Research Advisor, Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
  • Viraj Patel, Global Head of Product Credit Analytics, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Moderator: Caren Johnson, Project Manager, Center for NYC Neighborhoods



1-1:50PM EST

Preparing and Pre-Acting for the Next Disaster

New York City has learned many hard lessons about resilience, climate change, and mitigation over the past decade and especially during the pandemic. This panel will showcase experts sharing how communities can utilize knowledge from these experiences and pre-act responsively in the face of future crises.

  • Panelists: 
  • Jainey Bavishi, Resilience Director, MOCR
  • Moses Gates, Vice President for Housing and Neighborhood Planning, Regional Planning Association
  • Jessica Katz, Executive Director, Citizens Housing Planning Council
  • Jose Miranda, Program Director, Chhaya
  • Moderator: Cristian Salazar, Director of Communications, Center for NYC Neighborhoods


2-3:20PM EST

An Agenda for the New City 

During this transition of leadership for NYC, the affordable homeownership and housing fields must work with our elected officials to ensure that city priorities meet the needs of homeowners and prospective homebuyers in every borough. What are our leaders excited to achieve and how will we work together on issues like opportunity to purchase, affordable homeownership at scale, and more?  This panel will include breakout room discussions.

    • Panelist: Councilmember Adrienne Adams: 
  • Moderator: Ivy Perez, Policy and Research Manager, Center for NYC Neighborhoods


3:30-4:20PM EST

Rebuilding in Progress: An Introduction to the NYS Homeowner Assistance Fund 

The 2021 coronavirus relief bill brought us the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF), which will launch this fall as NYS HAF. Our community has high hopes for this program, yet we know homeowner needs exceed the relief funding available. Additionally, the rollout of the ERAP rental relief program has raised many concerns about technology, access, and the importance of a client-centered design. As HAF opens this fall, we want to share more about the process and our approach to centering the needs of homeowners and creating a compassionate process. What help can homeowners in New York State expect? What concerns do advocates have about the process? Key leaders from the NYS HAF team will be on hand to answer questions about the process, program goals, and publicly available data and dashboards.

  • Panelists:
    • Joseph Sant, General Counsel & Vice President, Center for NYC Neighborhoods
    • Mireille Martineau, HAF Director, Center for NYC Neighborhoods


4:20-4:30PM EST

Summit Closing Remarks

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