FloodHelpNY.org, funded through the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery and New York Rising, was created as a platform for engaging and informing New York City homeowners about how they can protect their home and finances from flooding that is expected to worsen with rising sea levels caused by climate change.

A primary goal of the site is to connect eligible low- and middle-income homeowners with engineers in select coastal communities to provide resiliency audits so that they can make informed decisions about reducing their risk to future floods that will also help to lower their flood insurance rates.

Rising Tides, Rising Costs

FloodHelpNY.org builds on our pioneering policy and research work on flood insurance and rising sea levels and their effects on affordable homeownership, which was showcased in our landmark 2014 report Rising Tides, Rising Costs.” The report revealed how rising flood insurance costs and increased flood risk threaten both the housing affordability and safety of the over 400,000 New Yorkers who live in neighborhoods at high risk of flooding along and around New York City’s 520 miles of coastline.

Rising Tides Rising Costs

Explore the interactive version of Rising Tides, Rising Costs to experience the story first-hand

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Read a digital version of the print report on Issuu

or download the PDF version.

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