Message From the Executive Director

Christie Peale

When the Center for NYC Neighborhoods launched in 2008, few could have predicted how devastating the emerging national mortgage crisis would be to homeowners across the country. In New York City, thousands of New Yorkers within miles of Wall Street faced foreclosure and mortgage distress due to sub-prime lending, unexpected loss of income, and mounting medical and household debts.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the City Council, Mayor Bloomberg, and a coalition of foundations and corporations, New York City responded to the crisis head-on by creating a network of expert housing counselors and legal services providers. Our Network Partners work side-by-side with homeowners to prevent foreclosures. Since our founding, our network has helped over 30,000 New Yorkers at risk of losing their homes.

Even as the foreclosure crisis recedes from the national headlines, the number of New York homeowners facing foreclosure continues to rise. Our network’s experience, expertise, and passion have made it possible to help stabilize neighborhoods throughout New York City. We work home by home, block by block, to provide homeowners with the best available options.

What’s more, the strength and flexibility of our network has allowed us to respond to new and unexpected crises. For example, the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has presented multiple, complex challenges for thousands of New York City homeowners. We continue to identify and launch new resources and leverage the expertise of our network to help the thousands of New Yorkers who are at risk of losing their homes while trying to rebuild and recover from the storm.

The Center—and the coalition of community based non-profits, foundations, and government agencies that helped launch it—firmly believe in the value of neighborhoods where working and middle class New Yorkers are owners, leaders, and stakeholders. These very personal investments give New York City neighborhoods their character and vitality and allow us to preserve our collective vision for the New York City of tomorrow. We look forward to our continued work together as we strive to make homeownership an affordable, sustainable option for all New Yorkers.

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Christie Peale

Executive Director