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by Lauren Suiter on 10 Comments
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The Center for NYC NeighborhoodsHomeowner Hotline is an integral part of the Center’s work to provide high quality assistance to homeowners. The Hotline is a joint effort with the Attorney General’s Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP), and is available to all New York State residents. Homeowners can reach the hotline by dialing 311 in New York City or 211 in New York State and asking for the Center for NYC Neighborhoods or by dialing 855-HOME-456.

Hotline Representatives act as a front line, connecting callers with one of the Center’s Network Partners or other HOPP partners statewide that provide housing counseling and legal services at no cost to homeowners in mortgage distress.

Foreclosure Homeowner HotlineHomeowner Hotline Representative Brian Cruz

This week, I spoke with Patricia Vera, a former Homeowner Hotline Representative (who’s now working in grants management), and Bernie Ortiz, our newest Homeowner Hotline Representative, about their experiences. Patricia has worked at the Center for over one year while Bernie is just celebrating his one month anniversary. Both of them immediately emphasized that “you never know what you’re going to get when you pick up the phone,” and not all calls are related to housing. Regardless of who is calling, it’s all about helping that caller, whether the end result is making a referral to one of our Network Partners or searching for another helpful resource for the caller to contact. Bernie feels that a lot of his work on the Homeowner Hotline is about being able to “streamline the process” for the caller.

Both Patricia and Bernie also wanted to stress that there is no judgment of callers who reach out to the hotline for help. They both feel that, for callers in need, it is better to reach out for a solution to a problem rather than worry about unanswered questions. Additionally, all information provided by the Hotline is confidential. The Hotline is a partnership with the Attorney General and is the most secure way to find help and avoid scams.

Patricia and Bernie also agree that helping people was the most rewarding part of the job. Patricia told a story of a homeowner who called and was really upset and frustrated, but after getting in touch with a local organization that could help her, she called back to thank Patricia for the help. Homeowner calls also help inform the Center about trends and areas we need to focus on. Patricia summed up her time with the Hotline by saying, “It’s a rewarding and learning experience, it really is.”

Homeowners can reach the hotline by dialing 311 in New York City or 211 in New York State and asking for the Center for NYC Neighborhoods or direct at 855-HOME-456. Hotline representatives will connect homeowners with high-quality housing counseling or legal services near them—at no cost to the homeowner.

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  1. Barbara

    I am a victim of predatory lending and I was denied a loan modification. I contacted Nassau/Suffolk Law Services and The American Bar Association and they don’t have any pro bono attorneys and Nassau/Suffolk Law Services can’t help me. At the time of the closing for this loan I wasn’t told verbally that it was an interest only loan and now I have no equitity in my home. I could have gotten a reverse mortgage if it wasn’t for this loan. Now my home is heading for foreclosure and I have no where to go and not enough money to do so.

    • Lauren Suiter

      Hi Barbara,

      I am really sorry to hear about your struggle with foreclosure. Please contact our hotline directly at 646-786-0888 or by dialing 311 and asking for the Center for NYC Neighborhoods. We can help connect you to high-quality foreclosure prevention services at no cost to you.

  2. ometa richards

    I am on the deed since 2004. My mother held the mortgage and has since died. I fell behind in the payments and have being trying to speak to the servicer seterus . The mortgage changed hands a lot of times . I want to get a mortgage for my home since it is my primary residence. In the meantime I am fighting to keep my home.
    My email address is ometa05@aol.com.

    • Sage Erskine

      Hi Ometa,

      One of the housing counselors or legal services providers in our network may be able to help you at no cost. You can be connected to a housing counselor or legal services provider by calling our Homeowner Hotline at 646-786-0888.

  3. Mildred

    I am a condominium owner and have fallen on extremely hard times for over the past 10 years. So much that It would take days to go into. I have been able to pay the mortgage on my home but have fallen behind a lot, I mean a lot on the maintenance. I barely was able to pay the monthly mortgage to keep a roof over my head. Now I am being taken to court by the board April 9th and fear they may ask me to sell my home. I don’t want this. I have just started a new permanent job and would really like to pay back what I owe no matter how long it takes. My daughter has offered to help.
    What options do I have. I know a lean can be placed on my home until satisfied. Can they force me to sell. My home number is 719 396 9534 and I am avail Mon – Fri after 6:30 pm or Weekends 9am to 3pm Please offer nay assistance soon. I appreciate it.

    • Sage Erskine

      Hi Mildred,

      Thank you for reaching out. The New York State Mortgage Assistance Program (NYS-MAP) can be used to help eligible homeowners pay off maintenance and HOA arrears. In order to apply for the program, you must be working with a foreclosure prevention professional who will help you at not cost to you. To be connected to a foreclosure prevention professional, call 855-HOME-456. You can learn more about NYS-MAP by visiting nysmap.org.

      All the best,

  4. Dorothy Striplin

    I need to talk with someone about my deceased mother’s home located in the Bronx, NY. I am from the Bronx, but I now live in New Jersey. Can I use these services. Her home is in foreclosure. It is a long, complicated situation and I need to talk with someone about what to do. Any help you can provide would be helpful.

    • Cristian Salazar

      Dear Ms. Striplin, You can certainly call us to get help. Feel free to use the Hotline number. Even if you are in New Jersey, since the home is in the Bronx, it’s likely we can connect you with assistance. We also have a statewide network of providers.

  5. R. Mills

    Help, I’m still getting a run around, made promises and have received nothing. NY Rising is continuously not following thru with paperwork. I was promised a check by the end of December. Never received. Called and left numerous messages for my caseworker. Went into their office, found out the caseworker left, nobody notified me. Spoke to someone and was told check would arrive in March. Never received went back and now they claim new guidelines etc went into effect. I was told at prior visit that I was not part of that because I was supposed to have gotten check already. Now I get a call on April 3, 2017, stating another story. I have yet to receive any monies and I have compiled with all paperwork that they have requested and much more. I need help. Thank you.

    • Justine Pak

      Hi R. Mills. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with a very confusing situation. Please give our Homeowner Hub a call at 646-786-0888, and you can speak with a staff member about your situation.